Marvin the Giant

by Thom McCarthy

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released December 12, 2016

Written, recorded, performed and arranged by Thom McCarthy
Mixed by Kevin Millen
Mastered by Jorgan Krug

Cover art by Andrea Poulsen and Brooke Morris

©2016 Crabatoadia



all rights reserved


Thom McCarthy Philadelphia

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Track Name: Primal Whistle of the Wind
There's a curse beyond the sun
Lukewarm embers spawn
Laughter on the tongue
Hiding nothing but ashes in my blood
Glass in the veins
Bring me all the love
There was an ancient murmur.

That's when the branches of the sea
Shook the plates of the earth below
Primal whistle of the wind
The only song we all know
Walk the new ground
Frozen on the core.

Walking on hollow nerves and flesh
Cutting in line
To leave this place or lag behind
Stuck in a soul, an uneasy road, a poison oath
walking on coal
You got the feeling all wrong.

Day I went into life, silent on mind
They withered in your mask
Yes, if I'd of known why
Revealed a nightmare
Everlasting luck.
Track Name: Wolves in the Water
Gravel and sand
My head is just a mask
Wolves in the water, my old alma mater
a half-eaten scholar
an orphan.

Life is boneless and brave
Crickets eat the squid
Woven one eye blind
Electrical fish line
Snagged on a turbine
Go back where you came.

Figments of the road
Flying swine and vertigo
Boneyard full of weeds
Death is not below the seeds

Through eyes of a specter
Chemistry lecture won't sink in.
Track Name: The Compost
They put me out with the compost
for the worms that ate my brain.
They put me out with the shells
in a puddle of smells
once the sleepwalk of a soul.
Can't you hear the train?
They often chug the same
vapor watermark, you glow.

Cacophony heard like a wind up clock
Wheelbarrow it into the garden now
Heard a snake in the grass will reverse the curse
strap the gas mask on
dim the lighthouse, Jon

It's flooded up with brine
plasma and the scum
It's drier than a drought
and I can't feel any light
Saw the Celtic cross,
ate the Irish moss
for I'm the ancestor now.

Bacteria wild as a street parade!
There's a column of light in the garden now
Heard a ray of the sun will reverse the curse
Among the biosphere
Living flame lost fear.
Track Name: Where Did You Go Without Your Spine?
Waker of the flame
Where did you go without the wind?
Careless in the calm
Bottomless pit you've fallen thin
Dunking all your senses in
The faded eye, the phantom limb
Where did you go without your spine?
Do tell.

Cancer of the soul
Down where the optic nerve goes dim
Stasis of the mind
Once we were homesick for our skin
The valley of the overgrown
The spotted owl, the demon clone
Where did you go without your gold?
Do tell.

Tripped over the sticks and moss, and landed in a tomb
My tongue was burned and scorched
And the flame went blue

Bursts of laughter blind my ears
This vital moment lasted years
Wild dogs of song
Fur-like needles
Fang-like claws

Pulling up the garden weeds
Chewing dirt and falling leaves
Where did you go without your guts?
Do spill.
Track Name: Hobnob With the Doomed
Axes and trains, the bearded cannonball
Brand new campaign, they gargle alcohol
You must soak it up
And it will only rain on miles of prunes.

Oughtta be some law that spawns each maze a grave
Fresh from the morgue to the radiant blaze of ways
There was a laser light
A gambling fight
Put a ten crown bid on the afterlife, dear lord.

Brimstone and factories
That’s where the road way out back leads
Don’t you mean roses?
Don’t you mean posies?
Could you mean hobnob with the doomed, oh lord?
Track Name: Proud Belly Out Like a Tortoise Shell
Muted thunder yawns along
four-legged cloud with tongue hung out
hills are blue and souls are glue
born with the barn door open.
Shilling out the blessings of the wind
Through the briers where the voice of god has been.

synthetic ebb and show postponed
in the loitered, bully hall of echoes
where leaders lose and losers lead
proud belly out like a tortoise shell
there’s a lighthouse at the bottom of the sea
salt and seaweed in the cemetery

no circumference, no equator
took a swig of cloudy water
felt the root of daylight gleaming in
to blind the beast and reinvent again.
Track Name: The Engine
Telling all mankind, the dog gone wind died
Lived in a bag house
Once where the flags blow
Now they all drag so low
That’s where they all scrape and spring for you.

I lay my wings out cold-crossed upon the engine
All the heat’s rising
Hold on tight, plucked weed from the roadside
Woke up and I’m stuffed with the food of god
No cold water to ease your mind
Hell, I ride.

Long gone, lung god.
Track Name: Killers of the Wild
Swam with minnows, we farm the stream
Waste away, song of swan
Fear the moon-painted orange
To haunt the beaten road
On the frozen ark
For coffin wood, chopped down a tree
Found strength through the rusted axe.

Alone to the tunnels I go
Where the fuses all blow
horns buzzing
Your vertebrae cracked your golden, ivory canes.

Terrible are all the killers of the wild
the worms and the fowl
stalk the wolverine's tracks
and all who climb the pines.

Mercury, thicken my mind.
Heartless weaver in time, set the air on fire
Drown the mountain choir
Sore bellies in the sun to wash away

For the shadows, I pray
Typhoon from above
Cold blood on some stretch of the woods
Where seasons fade away.

And I wonder why
Killers of the wild
That's when they decompose
And become the germ
Had my bellyful
felt your sin
Now we're the last go to
Bone and skin.