Seasick Wall of Circuits

by Thom McCarthy

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brylistens Another collection of finely crafted songs. Favorite track: Self-Immolation of a Wave.
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Mother was a stranger Drifting through the weeds Days when the light sleeps Waking up to thunder flooding up the den moss grows where the roads end Silver moon in her hair and gnats in her teeth With no pesticides within Rotten wind i'll breathe you in Blurry eyed and high up above her feet Pack of dogs have snouts like laser beams Long lost Glued to their sleep cheap on earth Watch the bluefin tuna dodging the harpoon Thoughts offline Like an ill, seasick wall of circuits on your mind
If you survive nightmares on the hill Sunburn and the plague The doctors would be proud Your soul and skin saved Headless years of fire Making ash of your barn Muttering lies so blind No war, no horns, no fission bombs Just circles of the mind Heard you were bleeding from the neck Safe as your living cells protect Twisted like atlas held the earth Primordial dances at your birth Rock the cradle at your birth Feetless years of rain Making slush of your wound Shuddering eyes so blind No fog, no light, no chosen ones Just circles of the mind Breathe and watch where your time froze Over transistors and pines Sail away in your medicine A song alive in your mind Bright reflections and flocks of birds Masterpiece in your eyes Fall asleep in the metal sea Trees growing over the tide
Lift your dream from underwater Soaking wet like ancient clutter Fell in dead They saved your earthly, infant soul Now you're old Clouded wars of danger Highway dead, no more anger Walking blighted land, soldier one A flawless hybrid scramble Metal sea, a fathom dismantled The habitat below Old devils haunted your picture Ever since you framed your face I warped the way you glow The walls were not completed The leaves were eating your feet The masters of your kind Birds live like kings in your photograph Fools flying low To smell the salted earth Sleeping in reverse


released October 16, 2020

All songs written, performed and recorded by Thom McCarthy
Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Millen
Additional vocal harmonies on Track 1 by Andrea Poulsen

Album artwork by Andrea Poulsen


all rights reserved


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