Demonstrations With Air

by Thom McCarthy

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Little two song EP for you.


released February 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Thom McCarthy Philadelphia

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Track Name: Ripe Fruit
All my blues fell off the wall
I sold the space
In a fieldsong mine belongs
Lord, what should I tell them?
I've come an awful mile
What age are we stranded?
Where's a god to call?

It's a ripe fruit and all the seeds I spit
Begin to bloom
And I depend on bloom.

Radio wires go all for luck
Odds and ends with a plus and minus charge
That's energy for ya
We all wanna flip the switch
And spin the propeller, And open up the fridge

It's a day's work and all the sweat and tears
It's worth the loot.
And I depend on loot.

Way up from the magnet guts
Spun a world like ours
When will the cogs and wheels
rust away like mars.
Is anyone recording us from up above the well?

Dangle me on strings
Puppeteer with wings

Way up from the magnet guts
Spawn our eyes and limbs
Out came the embryo
Out came the oxygen
Somewhere there's a satellite
Tracking all our moves
Wake us when we're dead
Halo on my head.
Track Name: Unlawful Wilderness
You've been invited by the law
you've been indicted by the law
no cover in shadow they see how you've been
only resemble not my my my fault
mandible, howling without no moon

out on the summit in the squall
friend of the raven and her claw
fly over gander away with the sun
one day i'll feather but trouble for now
lost my wits
flapping my elbows down

i wanna live in a tree
i wanna bathe in a creek like a wild beast
cause my life on the town ain't free.
don't wanna wrestle a bear
don't wanna die from a poisonous snake bite
So here in the town, I stay.

wilderness awake for now
til the law comes to drill you up
hide away your lifeblood they want to make machines run
with your soul. that's the goal.

dig a hole and build a nest
evolution robbed me
can't survive with this body
in the wild.
feral child.